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Saturday, 25 May 2019

TalariaX Email to SMS Solutions

Networks Unlimited are the authorised suppliers for TalariaX, providing their powerful Email to SMS Alert and Response solutions in the UK. As their official UK Distributor, we supply to organisations throughout the UK and Ireland in addition to working in partnership with systems integrators and resellers in supporting their own customer base.

sendQuick is a unique SMS Messaging Server providing 'two-way' alert and response capability from a hardware based solution, with the advantage of greater security and reliability in managing business continuity.

SMS (Short Message Service) has become a successful and proven communication medium around the world. SMS is becoming increasingly more important to help improve business processes and efficiency. SendQuick® SMS Server System is a low cost, plug-n-play server fulfilling needs for fast, efficient and effective communication - anytime, anywhere.
In today's ever changing competitive landscape, it is crucial to be able to have access to real-time information, particularly in a knowledge based business environment. Our partnership with TalariaX is focused on delivering strong business value to our customers irrespective of the industries in which they operate. By using mobile applications, particularly SMS (Short Message Service), companies can communicate between employees, customers and business partners more effectively thereby improving productivity and profitability.

The sections below illustrate how different industries can deploy sendQuick Appliance Server and/or related integration services.
Healthcare - Pharmaceutical Healthcare - Hospitals & Clinics
Hospitality - Hotels Travel - Travel Agencies
Education - Private & Public Schools/Institutions F & B - Restaurants and Bars
Research, Polling, Voting & Feedback Applications Service & Support - Maintenance & Technical Support (Lift, Equipment, Copier, Automobile, etc)
Courier & Delivery Companies Data Centres & IT Support Services
Clubs, Membership & Fitness Centres Retail - Service & Product Retailing

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